Prayer requests

Prayer Request 02.24.24
Viola Cleo Bradshaw: Please pray Viola Cleo Bradshaw has deep sleep as she has trouble sleeping, and pray she has deep peace, healing for her broken nose, pray for peace of mind for Jhana Maya Bradshaw.

Prayer Request 02.24.24
Mario Kelly: Mario is going to have open heart surgery on the 28th of this month. Keep him in prayers that he makes it through and has a smooth healing process.

Prayer Request 02.11.2024
Ernie Celaya: Asking for prayers for Layla and Jacob Martinez they both came down with type b flu Jacob had a temperature of 104 and had a seizure and Layla is having the same symptoms it has been two weeks now and there has not been a breakthrough, prayers for healing

Prayer Request 02.11.2024
Monique Celaya:Prayer for Layla Martinez she's been running a high fever 3 nights in a row. Also prayer for myself was in a car accident Thursday morning prayer for healing in my body.

Prayer Request 01.29.2024
Angie Gallegos: Prayers for reinstatement of probation. Also for deliverance of bad habits and spirit of condemnation /evil thoughts. In Jesus name!

Prayer Request 01.28.2024
Destiny Sepulveda: Please pray for my daughter for healing of her body and that no serious sickness is found

Prayer Request 12.22.2023
Luis Garcia: currently in the ICU due to low blood pressure and acute kidney failure. Tried to commit suicide , very depressed. Needs gods healing

Prayer Request 12.22.2023
Monique Celaya: Need prayer for 1 yr old Layla Martinez she’s in the hospital for bronchitis, oxygen levels are low so she’s on oxygen, prayers for healing.

Prayer Request 12.10.2023
Jay Case: I need a prayer to help me find lucrative occupation. I have been trying so hard to find work since I got off probation

Prayer Request 12.05.2023
Fernando Coronado: 19 years old currently on hospice. He has been battling cancer. He has had multiple surgeries and undergone chemo. Doctors say there is nothing more that can be done. He is currently at home with his mom in Holbrook. Prayers for his mom Angela too.

Prayer Request 12.01.2023
Tallon Sam: Tallon is 25 he was hit by a car on 51st ave/Baseline on Tuesday morning. Doctors told his mom he's brain dead. Blood in his brain. Prayers for a miracle.

Prayer Request 11.29.2023
Isabella Laborin: She needs Gods strength, comfort, healing and guidance while dealing with the loss of her Father. Prayers for Gods peace in her mind and spirit and casting down every strong hold.

Prayer Request 11.29.2023
Krista Cota: She is currently undergoing chemo for triple negative breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy. She has 4 more rounds of chemo. Her mouth has a metallic taste she can't keep any food down. She feels like giving up. Prayers please.

Prayer Request 11.21.2023
William Bufford: Going into surgery this morning. Gallbladder ruptured. Liver is seeping bile. He needs a miracle of healing and deliverance

Prayer Request 11.21.2023
Gary Spiker: Prayers for healing from cancer.

Prayer Request 11.8.2023
 Shannon Lee: Prayers for healing from sickness. Luther and I (marriage) a closeness, a fire in our marriage and walk with God.

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