Prayer requests

Prayer Request Form

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.

Prayer Request 6.4.23
Fili Marquez: Prayer for my grandma (Zenaida Marquez) healing in stomach and speedy recovery for stomach surgery. Also for my Tio Bebe (David Marquez) stage 4 stomach cancer. 

Prayer Request 6.4.23
Julio & carlos Carmelo, Ramiro Martinez Prayer for desperate healing in the body. Uncle & brother of sister Monique

Prayer Request 6.4.23
Kebra Martinez: My husband's grandfather, Henry Martinez, has stage 4 pancreatic kidney cancer. Please pray for the family and for healing. Thank you.

Prayer Request 5.31.23
Jill Valencia: My two older children lost there father.

Prayer Request 5.17.23
Guillermina Ramirez: Prayers for a smooth surgery she has 3 blocked arteries and will be going into surgery ,in need of a desperate touch of God and prayers for a full recovery as well.